Intelligent Data Governance for Dummies

eBook, Data Governance, Big Data Analytics

Data is your most valuable asset, and you need to make the most of it. This e-book explains how intelligent data governance solutions that extend across your private and public cloud data footprint can help drive more business value from your data and simplify compliance for your organisation.


Your Path to Big Data

eBook, Data Governance, Big Data Analytics

Considering a big data project? Download this eBook to discover the most common big data use cases that organizations are implementing, how to drive value with big data technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL, top signs your current business challenges can be address by big data solutions, and which big data path is right for your business needs.


9 Reasons Your Product Needs Better Analytics

eBook, Embedded Analytics

As a product leader, it’s not always easy prioritizing items on your roadmap. But one thing is usually clear – some capabilities are strategically important to crea1ng value. Read this eBook to discover how better analytics built into your product is a win/win for your team and your customers.


Hadoop and the Analytic Data Pipeline

eBook, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

While a whole ecosystem of tools has sprung up around Hadoop to handle and analyze data, many of them are specialized to just one part of a larger process. In order to fulfill the promise of Hadoop, organizations need to step back and take an end-to-end view of their analytic data pipelines.


Research reports

TDWI Improving Data Preparation for Business Analytics

Whitepaper, Analyst Research, Business Analytics, Data Integration

The increasing complexity of data is putting pressure on organizations to rethink traditional methods of preparing data for reporting, analysis, sharing, and use in business processes. Preparing, blending, integrating, cleansing, and governing multiple sources of data, including big data stores like Hadoop, has traditionally been an IT responsibility. However, broadening interest in data science and analytics has begun to bring non-IT personnel into these activities.

TDWI Emerging Best Practices for Data Lakes

Whitepaper, Analyst Research, Data Integration

The need for fact-based decision-making means that businesses are more dependent on data than ever before. This often means leveraging a data lake (frequently using Hadoop) – but it’s not always easy to ensure that a data lake truly serves the needs of the business. From the great size and diversity of data within a data lake, to the need to support a wide range of interfaces, platforms, data structures, and processing methods, too often data lakes turn into a messy data swamp, and fail to deliver promised analytic value.

TDWI Data Warehouse Modernization in the Age of Big Data Analytics

Whitepaper, Analyst Research, Big Data Analytics

This TDWI Best Practices report covers how to modernize a data warehouse environment, to keep it competitive and aligned with business goals, in the new age of big data analytics.


Data Management Guide Checklist

Whitepaper, Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Are you tasked with transforming your data into true business value? Don’t miss our new data management guide: 8 Essential Checklists for Managing the Analytic Data Pipeline. Each step is critical to ensuring your data is analytics-ready when business users need it. Use the guide to evaluate your vendor options and flag potential pitfalls as you plan your pipeline.


The Power of Pentaho and Hadoop in Action

Whitepaper, Data Integration

This brief discusses a recent scalability test conducted using Pentaho Data Integra1on to
execute and orchestrate Map Reduce jobs in Hadoop with the purpose of demonstra1ng
sustained performance at scale.


Blueprints for Big Data Success

Whitepaper, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

Though the big data opportunity is growing rapidly, research indicates that the top two big data challenges that organizations face are determining how to get value out of big data and defining a big data strategy, respectively. In light of these challenges, this piece intends to identify and explain big data use cases generating business results for companies today, and shed light on emerging use cases expected in the near future. This whitepaper address what these use cases are, why companies are investing in them, and their common reference architectures.


Quickstart Guide to Data Visualisation and Dashboard Projects

Whitepaper, Business Analytics

Download this guide to find out the best ways to visualize your data, plan your dashboards, and meet your audience’s needs. Based on the extensive experience of Pentaho’s custom UI & visualization design team, you’ll find out how to define your project, select the appropriate data visualization tools, and evaluate key usability elements.


Data Machups for Analytics

Whitepaper, Business Analytics, Data Integration, Big Data Analytics

If you’re not integrating all the relevant data sources for your business – including both transactional data in relational databases and unstructured data from social media and more – you might be missing out.


Big Data at Cloud Scale

Whitepaper, Big Data Analytics

The whitepaper covers: How open source big data technologies and platform categories have gained rapid adoption; Key technology components that are enabling extraction of value from massive, diverse data on cloud infrastructure; Sample solution architecture illustrating how the different technologies can be leveraged to drive business; NASDAQ Case Study on how they created a cloud-based solution with Pentaho that manages huge volumes of data to drive business insight