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How our data methodology bridges the gap between data and business teams

Maxx Silver talks about achieving the future state for both business and data teams with the BizCubed data methodology.

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Data Operations as a Complex System

Data operations are complex systems. Just like any other complex system they are non-linear, self-organising, and demonstrate emergent properties. One of the more curious features of a complex system is that they can often be modelled in relatively simple terms.

What is the BizCubed Data Engineering Methodology?

One of the big challenges of the modern data ecosystem is that it is in a constant state of change – from one paradigm to another, one platform to the next, tool after tool, day in and day out. Despite these fluctuations, the business users of data must be able to...

My #OpsWorld experience (and why I love conferences)

I heaved a deep sigh of relief as I settled back against the hard wooden bench, the city skyline rising prominently behind me just beyond the ferry's wake. Conferences are exhausting, but I also find them invigorating. The extrovert in me loves the exposure to new...

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Information Security and the BizCubed Ways and Values

We’ve blogged previously about the BizCubed Ways and Values.  Many companies have versions of this – they may call them values, guiding principles or another phrase.  While many in large organisations struggle to see them as more than “corporate buzzwords”, we rely on them heavily and incorporate them daily.

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BizCubed’s Journey to ISO27001 Certification

A year ago, we blogged about Data Security as a Practice. Since then, we have continued the practices we talked about there, integrating it even further into our daily practice, and incorporating new processes and aspects into our existing cadence.