Data Engineering and Infrastructure

This week we continue our exploration of The BizCubed Method and the Data Maturity Model. See this post for an overview of the model and this post for a deep dive on Security. This week we tackle the relationship between Data Engineering and Infrastructure. ---...

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Data Security as a Practice

At BizCubed, we approach security not as an achievable end-state, but as a daily practice. We intentionally build security into every aspect of our operation. In our view, this is how we get better – we teach and learn, all in an effort to Make Better Decisions Each Day.

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Introducing The BizCubed Method

What’s the value of data engineering? Meet Mark. Mark was an analyst at a non-profit that offered job-training to disadvantaged populations. The non-profit was structured as a social enterprise that operated restaurants, cafes, catering, etc. Mark was accountable for...

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