Creating a better world starts with making better decisions each day

From climate change to food insecurity, the reality is that we can’t simply engineer our way out of these challenges, nor can we solve them alone. We need billions of people to make better decisions each day, knowing that those decisions add up to big change.

BizCubed enables businesses to make better decisions each day by taking the pain out of data and empowering business teams to own their data assets.

Case studies

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Operationalising Data Ecosystems for a Successful Merger in Financial Services

As a long-term strategic partner, BizCubed helped a client in the financial services sector to Make Better Decisions Each Day, by reducing headcount and freeing up the organisation's valuable capacity.


Retail Zoo Case Study – Making Better Decisions Each Day

Data that had taken Retail Zoo 3-6 business days to aggregate monthly now could be done instantly. Instead of running a single month’s stock-take, franchisees could run multiple stock-takes on-demand and answer more questions about their business operations. With more accurate data and a breadth of new sources, Retail Zoo’s franchisees are now able to make more informed decisions about their in-store selling strategies, COGS performance and labour forecasts.


BizCubed Managed Service provides Bing Lee with complex data integration

Our Managed Service provides Bing Lee with access to structured, reliable and timely data for critical reporting and business insights. This was achieved using Pentaho Data Integration as a tool, blending a complex set of retail chain’s data sources for analytics and modernisation.


BizCubed is proud to be ISO27001 Certified

Demonstrating our committment to data privacy and security. We’ve integrated data security into everything we do – from our very first contact through to final decommissioning. The threats to privacy and security are always evolving, so we are continually improving our systems and processes to ensure that we can continue helping our customers Make Better Decisions Each Day.

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