We take the pain out of data so that you can
make better decisions each day.

Get ready to think about your data differently

Making better decisions each day isn’t just about the tools and the tech. It’s about the skills and capabilities of the people using them, and the systems and structures that surround them.

To future-proof your business, you need robust, reliable and scalable systems and processes that enable you to understand what your data is telling you. And, you need to know that your data is safe and secure, without it costing a fortune.

What we can do for you

Your data just needs to ‘work’, and work consistently. Alongside our experienced data engineers, your business team can start to build its operational capability to solve its own data problems, automate manual reporting and build a more competitive business.

By freeing your team up from repetitive and manual processes, you will have more time and space to solve more complex problems and extract more value from your data.

More than just another data project

We’re a team of engineers at heart. This means the data processes and structures that we help you implement are designed to be efficient, repeatable and scalable. Our methodology and frameworks are tool and cloud-agnostic, so whether you use our tools or bring your own, we’ll make sure it just works.

What you can expect when you work with

All the time, we see data projects that are too slow, too expensive and don’t provide business teams with the flexibility they need to adapt to market conditions. The way we see it is, if we’re not making your life easier, we’re not doing our job.

Data Engineering Components


Here’s how our team helps take the pain out of data.

Same-day server builds

Start fast, stay agile

Your business needs to make decisions fast. That’s why we are laser-focused on setting up your new digital environments within the first 24 hours. Our engineers build two servers (development and production) for your ETLs in a hosted or cloud environment of your choosing.

Proactive Service Monitoring and Maintenance

Immediate monitoring and reporting for consistency and ultimate peace of mind

Our job is to prevent issues before they arise. Our team monitors and proactively maintains your environments, so that you can trust the data that you’re getting from day one.

Rigorous Documentation and Rapid Response Times

Ensuring your data environment is robust and reliable at business speed

We document everything that’s unique about your environment to accelerate diagnostic and recovery times. Our Service Desk responds to your requests within an hour because we know that you don’t have time to waste.

Automating the Repeatable

Supporting your teams to automate manual processes and execute their first data acquisition

We’ve architected a variety of methods for acquiring data easily, quickly and securely. We work with your business teams to begin landing your data into your environment, making sure that you have data in your hands whose access is controlled and governed according to your needs. We can also connect directly to your source systems using SFTP and APIs, which are then monitored and maintained as part of your service.

Building Your Capability

Enabling business teams to own their data assets

Nobody knows your business or your data better than you do. So, rather than relying on outside consultants or customised tech to solve your problems, we teach your team how to move your business logic into ETLs yourself. We also move the work you do from development into production at the speed of business. This means that the work you do today will show up in the reports you do tomorrow and support you to make better decisions each day.

Boosting Resilience & Compliance

We help you manage and govern your data lifecycle and boost system maturity

When you request a move from development to production, we evaluate the maturity of your ETL based on our ability to recover it if it fails. We’ll offer feedback and best practice suggestions for building and improving your business logic, so that your processes are more reliable, resilient and trustworthy.

Making Your Data Safe, Sovereign and Secure

Safeguarding your data from threats

Data security matters. These days, the threats are diverse and complex, and the risk is existential. The challenge of data security is one that we must confront together, which is why we engineer it into every aspect of what we do. This means you can rest assured that your data is safe, sovereign, and secure.

Our Data Engineering and
Enablement Platform

Rapid Acquisition
BizCubed build, maintenance
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