Why we keep picking Pentaho as our solution for our Managed Service

by Zachary Zeus
September 8, 2017

We have a firmly held belief that when you increase the number of staff members that participate in analytics – you significantly improve the value of your data assets. When your organisation has high value data assets your business is more efficient, more agile, and will significantly outperform your competitors.

The question we get asked and the one we constantly ask ourselves is – how do we help organisations increase participation in analytics?

We evaluate on a few key criteria:

  1. Easy and visual
    • In order for people to engage effectively it has to be accessible and readable
  2. Scalable
    • No per user fees – everyone that wants to participate should participate
    • Big data, any data, your data – should be able to connect to everything
  3. Deployable
    • Works as well on desktops as it does in clusters
  4. Open
    • This is a key part of the above capability and a core part of how we support our clients in achieving data sovereignty.
    • Open platforms provide people with operational flexibility

When we look across these criteria the Pentaho platform continuously meets them better then alternatives.

Easy and Visual

  • Drag and Drop environment
  • Metadata Driven end to end – not a code generator
  • Simple tools using open standards


  • Commercial model designed for massive adoption – no per user fees
  • Some of the largest analytics projects globally are heavily reliant on Pentaho
  • Connects to any* data-source


  • Multi-environment support (Windows, MAC, Linux)
  • Multi-processing support (desktop, server, cluster, Spark, Map Reduce)
  • WYSIWYD – What you see is what you deploy (no code generation or compiling)


  • Open Source engines and model
  • Pluggable architecture for extensions
  • Active, vibrant community of users and developers.


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