CEO Series – Using Data to Power ‘Decision Factories’

by BizCubist
July 30, 2021

When we think of data engineering and data science, it can often be difficult to distinguish between the two. Especially for people without a technical background it can often seem like a very vague and abstract concept

We all know data is important, but how do we harness it? 

Zach, BizCubed’s CEO compares organisations to a ‘decision factory’. The more efficiently decisions are made, the more efficient the factory becomes. In order for businesses to outcompete the market, it is crucial that data acts as the fuel powering the factory, helping you make beHer decisions. We call this ‘business logic’ and it forms a key part of the BizCubed methodology and framework.

So if data is the fuel…then Data Science is how to make a new kind of fuel…

and Data Engineering is how we deliver the fuel.

At BizCubed, we’re data engineers – we deliver the fuel that your
business needs at scale.

Hear more from Zach in the video below:

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