Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation

by Zachary Zeus
June 19, 2019
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Data Analytics has come a long way over the past decade. It has evolved from a time consuming, spreadsheet-based practice, into one of efficiency and necessity.

At BizCubed, we have been involved in many projects to help businesses optimise their data analytic processes. To our surprise, we found that most organisations are still stuck in their traditional ways when it comes to data analysis.

Hours upon hours of unnecessary manual labour is still being poured into existing data procedures. This involved tedious number crunching, importing and exporting data on excel, and running complex formulas far too heavy for the average computer.

Our mission is to improve how organisations approach data analytics. We automate data imports and we streamline manual macros to provide a ready stream of useful data.

Most importantly, we aim to drive data processing innovation through automation, that delivers value immediately. We introduce organisations to Robotic Process Automation.

In this video, our CEO Zach Zeus, explores the concept of the Robotic Process Automation for streamlined data analytics, and why it is critical for organisations in today’s economy.




At BizCubed, we have been working with our customers on automating the manual analytics activities that their business analysts conduct.

A surprisingly high percentage of analytics that drive our organisations come out of spreadsheets. And I am talking about modern organisations … large organisations … market leaders in their respective fields.

And these spreadsheets that drive the analytics often involve manual steps that take hours and hours to produce.

We worked with one such organisation recently. They too were pouring hours of business analyst time, crunching numbers manually, importing data to excel, running manual macros, and running complex formulas that were causing their computers to be frozen for hours.

We changed how they approached analytics. We automated data imports. We removed the manual macros and we ran processes that took hours in excel to processes that were complete before they even needed to look at that information.

The lead executive we worked with described what we achieved together as moving his analysts from “turning the handle” to actually providing analytics that improved the business.

We help organisations, we focus on a couple of key activities. We make small incremental changes that drive innovation and value immediately. We train, and we enable. We automate and engineer the underlying data processes so automation is business ready immediately. We focus on ensuring success.

The benefits our approach provides are: faster analytics outcomes, more time spent on evaluating the information and providing business enhancing insight and we decrease reliance on key analysts and remove single points of failure.

Are you number crunching manually? Are spreadsheets driving your analytics? Is it time to automate? Is it time to innovate? Is it time to revolutionise your analytics play?


At BizCubed, we are helping organisations move their analytics play out of manual, laborious spreadsheet work to cutting edge automated analytics. Contact us. Let’s discuss how we can lift your analytics game.

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Zachary Zeus

Zachary Zeus is the Co-CEO & Founder of BizCubed. He provides the business with more than 20 years' engineering experience and a solid background in providing large financial services with data capability. He maintains a passion for providing engineering solutions to real world problems, lending his considerable experience to enabling people to make better data driven decisions.

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