Careflight deploys Pentaho

by Zachary Zeus
July 3, 2014
CareFlight is an Australian aeromedical retrieval service who provides medical transport for the severely injured and those who need emergency treatment at the scene of the incident. Careflight transports over 5,000 patients a year across remote parts of Australia. Additionally, CareFlight has developed aeromedical innovations and technology that further their mission.

As part of its obligations to the Northern Territory (NT) Government Health Service, Top End Medical Retrieval Service, CareFlight needed a smart, high value solution to demonstrate the service delivered was meeting the stringent demands of the NT Government contract.

With the expertise of Pentaho’s partner BizCubed, CareFlight was able to implement real-time reporting and deliver transparency of information.  BizCubed and CareFlight’s IT teams worked together to deliver an innovative solution that not only allowed CareFlight to provide the NT Government real-time access to key KPI data, but also provided a data warehouse that will help them innovatively manage the aeromedical service into the future.

“The expertise of BizCubed helped us deploy our Pentaho and data warehouse solution in just 6 weeks for a specific project. What we discovered was an awesome project and easily unleashed its full potential across our business.” Gary Williams, CareFlight

Download the case study:


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