Pentaho Analysis for OLAP Developers – January 2010

by BizCubist
December 2, 2009

Our next Pentaho training course, Pentaho Analysis for OLAP Developers, will be held on 20-22 January.

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This course is designed for BI developers and analysts tasked with developing cubes for online analytical processing (OLAP).

Online analytical processing (OLAP) is one of the most powerful technologies to use within Business Intelligence applications and systems. OLAP allows fast, interactive analysis of large volumes of data. The power to explore large amounts of data at the stream of thought allows employees throughout the enterprise to answer critical business questions and make better decisions. This course explores the architecture, concepts, and features of Pentaho Analysis (Mondrian) to harness the power of OLAP, including the use of star and snowflake schemas, the use of aggregate tables, and the integration of Pentaho Analysis and the remainder of the Pentaho BI Suite.

See our Pentaho Training page for more information on our training courses, including dates.

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