The Decision Factory

by Zachary Zeus
March 29, 2019
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In the age of digital transformation, organisations are equipping themselves with new technologies to digitise processes that will help improve organisational agility and productivity,

But is technology the only key to success for the future? What does it take for a modern business to thrive in an increasingly virtual world?

At BizCubed, we see successful organisations as Decision Factories. Decisions lie at the heart of every business. Every decision is pertinent. The speed of the decision is crucial. The people involved in the decision are vital.

Effective decision making requires the recognition of poor decision making. It also requires the ability to fix these poor decisions using the relevant tools, and most importantly, it requires the organisational culture to support effective decision making.

Our CEO, Zach Zeus shares his insights on what it takes for an organisation to become a Decision Factory, and why it is crucial for better decisions.

We live in an increasingly ‘virtual’ world. All functions that can be outsourced, have been outsourced or are being outsourced rapidly. The GIG economy is well and truly here and having an impact.

But we must pause … reflect … and ask ourselves some questions … How has the shape of our business changed over the last 10 years? And how will it change over the next 10. Also … What is the ideal shape for a modern business?

At BizCubed, we have a take on this. We see businesses as Decision Factories.

If you view your business as a decision factory, the making of the decision becomes an extremely important activity. The quality of decision making becomes pertinent. The pace at which you make the decisions becomes important. It also becomes critical to increase the number of people that can participate in the decision-making process.

Decision making factories are adept at many facets of decision making. They correct poor decision making quickly before those poor decisions create bigger problems.

Does your business have an “Andon Cord”? An Andon cord is the name of the rope in Japanese auto manufacturing that allows anyone on the line to stop the manufacturing process to fix poor decision making. 

To do this effectively, people must have the ability to recognise poor decision making. They must have the tools and ability to fix the poor decisions, and most importantly, the organisational culture and support to do this in real time.

So, what is the quality of decisions in your business? Excellent? Good? Average? Poor?

How many people in your organisation make decisions? Is it the right of the select few in leadership and management positions? Or is each and every team member empowered to make decisions? Is your organisation a decision factory?

At BizCubed we help organisations make better decisions. Allow us to demonstrate how we can take you on the journey of becoming a decision factory.
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Zachary Zeus

Zachary Zeus is the Co-CEO & Founder of BizCubed. He provides the business with more than 20 years' engineering experience and a solid background in providing large financial services with data capability. He maintains a passion for providing engineering solutions to real world problems, lending his considerable experience to enabling people to make better data driven decisions.

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