Working at BizCubed: Teresa Cheung

by BizCubed
July 19, 2023
This month, we are talking about diversity at BizCubed and what it means to the people who work here. Here is Teresa Cheung, one of our Junior Data Engineers, with her thoughts on the topic.
Sebastian Petrik, Data Engineer at BizCubed
Teresa Cheung
Junior Data Engineer
Tell us how you came to work at BizCubed.

After working for two years in the legal industry I discovered that my true passion was in technology. I left my former career and enrolled in a Master of Computer Science where I found data management and data engineering to be my favourite subjects. Right after graduating I joined BizCubed where I’ve found that I can further explore the field of data engineering and continue to learn.

How is your role at BizCubed different to your previous roles?

In my previous roles I was mostly involved in editing documents and contracts. At BizCubed, I apply my data engineering knowledge to deliver projects and solve real problems. Here I am better able to utilise my organizational skills and my attention to detail to create customer delight.

How do you see diversity at BizCubed?

As everyone here has different backgrounds and different life experiences, we all have unique points of view. I really enjoy working in this kind of environment where we can have various, differing opinions and see things from a more global perspective. I always find myself learning new things from my colleagues and we always come up with creative ideas. It is a huge benefit for an expanding company like BizCubed as it helps us build a truly international and inclusive workplace.

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