Meet the Women of BizCubed – Maria Lim

by Maria Lim
March 11, 2024
Office Life - Junior Data Engineer Maria Lim at work in the BizCubed Sydney office

Meet the Women of BizCubed – Maria Lim


In honour of International Women’s Day, BizCubed is shining a spotlight on female team members. We’re asking about their experience at BizCubed and their thoughts on IWD.  Today we hear from Maria Lim, Junior Data Engineer.

Q. Tell us how you came to work at BizCubed
A. Through an acquaintance. I knew about BizCubed because of one of my course mates (while I was completing my Master of Complex Systems) was working for the company. I applied for a Junior Data Engineer position and made it through the interview process.

Q. How is your role at BizCubed different to your previous roles?
A. While in uni completing my Masters program, I worked part-time as a waitress and an inventory stock taker. After I graduated, I worked in a manufacturing company as a mould designer for the construction field. My role in BizCubed as a Junior Data Engineer is definitely different in comparison. I’m learning so much. The agility of capacity allocation to support different job scopes (such as Service Desk, Project Delivery, Product Management etc) enables us to learn more and be more adaptable to context switching.

Q. How do you see diversity at BizCubed?
A. You can tell BizCubed embraces diversity a lot when you see people from different cultures and background work together to deliver their best in this company. Many of us did not come from a pure IT field. Taking myself as an example, I graduated with Civil Engineering Bachelor’s degree and then completed a Master of Complex Systems. Like many of my colleagues, we could start our Data journey in BizCubed all because of the ways and values and the diversity of the company.

Q. Do you feel a sense of equality and egalitarianism at BizCubed? Do you feel that BizCubed invests in its employees equally?
A. Yes. We are agile and we have work rotation quite often, but the allocation of roles is based on one’s professional development. Everyone will have chances to learn and grow. This is precious.

Q. Do you have a perspective on IWD that you would like to share?
A. I cherish how people are aware of gender equality in work and am grateful to work in a company that is equal to all in terms of pay and professional development regardless of our gender and background. Sometimes I even took it for granted as I never thought of gender inequality at all. I am glad that I don’t have to worry about this issue here and can focus on my work

Maria Lim, Junior Data Engineer at BizCubed
Maria Lim

Maria describes herself as an energetic and self-motivated graduate seeking to leverage data to improve business decision making. She is currently a Junior Data Engineer at BizCubed and thrives helping our customers Make Better Decisions Each Day. Follow Maria on LinkedIn.

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